Wareham Ends Somersets Bid For Perfection In Controversial “ClockGate” Ending

Fralick's Amazing Effort, Not Enough in Crushing Loss.

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Wareham Ends Somersets Bid For Perfection In Controversial “ClockGate” Ending

Xaiver Aguiar, Sports Writer

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Chase Stafford and Steven Fralick combine for most of Somerset’s offense, in a heartbreaking 28-21 loss at home the Wareham Vikings. The loss leaves the Raiders at 5-1 heading into the playoffs, and ends an amazing season with a salty taste in their mouth.

Senior night for the Raiders began on the defensive end, as Wareham elected to receive the opening kickoff. 95% of the Viking offense revolved around jet reads, which is a quarterback reading either to give it to a motioning back, which will bounce it outside for an end around like run, or the QB would keep it and bring it up the gut. On the first drive though, the raiders were having none of it. After some solid outside runs and getting into Raider territory, Wareham was forced into a third down. This is when Steven Fralick decided to take the game into his own hands, after laying a massive hit on Vikings QB Jared Yates. Then on 4th down since he apparently thought the massive hit wasn’t good enough; he decided to make a great tackle on 4th and short to end Wareham’s drive on downs.

Somersets first drive can be summed up with Chase Stafford putting the Wareham defense on ice skates. Chase looked awesome, with multiple long runs and his amazing elusiveness was on full display. Fralick also had some solid running which was capped off by a great 15 yard touchdown up the middle. After a PAT by Matt Shea, the Raiders looked poised with a 7 point lead.

Just when it looked like Somerset was in the clear Wareham came storming back. Lead by star running back Issac Nascimento, Wareham continued their lethal outside running attack which the Raiders had few answers for all night. All and all after a very impressive drive, Wareham ended it with a solid run up the middle. After a run outside on the two point conversion, Wareham took an 8-7 lead.

Chase Stafford continued to look like a prime Mike Vick the way he was moving around the pocket. However, a penalty derailed the drive. After evading a monstrous pass rush, Chase’s magic just fell a tad short as the pass was just a tad overthrown. That penalty was just too much for SB to overcome as the Raiders were out on downs.

Wareham’s next drive was nothing of note besides a penalty also setting them back, and a massive hit by linebacker Luke Faria.

After Somerset received the ball, the Raiders went to work. The star of the night, Steven Fralick, broke out for a 50 yard carry, which put the Raiders deep in Viking territory. After some stellar running, Fralick capped off his stellar drive with a TD run. The Raiders held a 6 point lead but once again, the lead wouldn’t last very long.

Right before the half the Vikings showed their arsenal didn’t just include the same few running plays. With some solid outside passing, Wareham drove up the field. As time was near expiring, Yates had a very good touchdown pass to once again tie the game. After the Raiders intercepted the two point conversion, the game went into halftime knotted at 14 a piece.

The opening second half drive was a pretty solid one. Chase once again showed his moves and had some very quality runs including a very impressive 15 yard run on 3rd down which helped continue the Raider drive. However, not everything was rainbow and sunshine, as Somerset elected to go for it on 4th down near the goal line, but was stuffed by the ferocious Viking front.

After starting their drive at the 2, Wareham proved why they’re a force to be reckon with. The great outside running continued on this drive, as it lead the Vikings all the way up the field. The secondary had a nice pass breakup and Mike Gagliardi had a great 6 yard tackle for a loss, but it didn’t matter as Warehams offense was just too dialed in. As you can guess, Wareham pounded in another touchdown. After another failed two point conversion Wareham took a 20-14 lead.

After some three and outs by both teams, the stage was set. With 5 mins left, Somerset took over just near midfield down by 6. Chase Stafford orchestrated one of his best drives of the game. His running fueled the Somerset offense all night. Steven Fralick also contributed with some strong running which contributed to one of his best all around performances. With about 2 minutes left, the Raiders had the ball at the one and a half yard line. On the next play Chase fumbled a bad snap and tripped a little but kept his composure and ran the ball in for a touchdown. After Matt Shea knocked through the PAT, Somerset was up 21-20 with just under two minutes to go.

With Wareham without a viable kicking option and not much time remaining, they knew the likelihood of a Vikings TD was slim. After starting around the 35 yard line, the Vikings offense was struggling to gain traction. After nearing the 40 yard line with 1 minute and about 13 seconds left, the Raiders seemed to be in prime position to win. Then “clockgate” began. For the next 3 to 4 plays, the clock was frozen at 11 minutes. When the clock was fixed Wareham worked there way up to near the Raiders’ 40. However, this is where the controversy erupted. According to the officials, only 25 seconds passed on all those plays and the clock read 48 seconds where to most in attendances’ estimation, should have read somewhere in the mid 30s. Nonetheless, the Vikings lead a very solid drive. Although taking a big hit, Yates was still able to deliver a great throw to his receiver which set the Vikings at the goal line. With 12 seconds left in the game and the Vikings on the doorstep, SB needed a stop. However, that stop never came as Yates threw the game winning TD. After a successful 2 point conversion, Wareham took a 28-21 lead.

The game ended on a fail pitch back and ultimately, a hail Mary could never be attempted. The Raiders fell to 5-1 on the season and turn their gears towards the playoffs. The Raiders will find out where/who they’re playing by the end of Sunday. Overall, this was an excellent season by Coach Frietas’ boys and hopefully it doesn’t end next week.

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