Case Rally Coverage

Colby Yokell and Samantha Kourtz

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Case Rally is Somerset Berkley’s pep rally for the Thanksgiving football game against their rival, Case High School. Each grade level performs and competes for the best skit. The theme, script, props, and choreography are worked on by students in the weeks before the rally takes place. The scripts incorporate characters from popular movies or television shows who must beat Case High School in the annual Thanksgiving football game. It is a great opportunity for the whole school to come together and celebrate their Raider pride.


Owen Sawyer, who played Charlie Brown in the freshmen skit, stands in front of his class as he prepares to participate in his first Case Rally.

Jaden Cranshaw, who played Willy Wonka in the sophomore Case Rally skit, is ready to perform.

Chase Franco, who played Timmy Turner, is ready to perform in the junior Case Rally skit.


(From left to right) Sam Baker, Cam Felipe, Sydney Mikolazyk, and Haley Langton are ready to participate in their last Case Rally as Ghostbusters in the senior skit.

Junior Case Rally Skit: The Fairly Odd Parents (third place)

Chase Franco starred as Timmy Turner in the junior Case Rally skit. The second and third place skits were only separated by six points.




Freshmen Case Rally Skit: Charlie Brown (fourth place)

Owen Sawyer (Charlie Brown) led the freshmen class in an adorable take on Charles M. Schultz’s classic cartoon. Freshman Heaven Medina said that Case Rally is all about “having fun.” Macy Rodriguez (freshman) says that she will “definitely think about participating in Case Rally next year.”





Sophomore Case Rally Skit: Willy Wonka (second place)

Jaden Cranshaw, who played Willy Wonka, paved the way toward second place for the sophomores, therefore beating both the juniors and freshmen. Sophomore Vanessa Rapoza said that Case Rally is great because it “brings the class and school together,” and the point is to “enjoy yourself and have fun with it,” regardless of the outcome. Cara Francisco (sophomore) said that Case Rally is “a great time and a great way to end school before vacation.” The second and first place skits were separated by only four points.


Seniors Case Rally Skit: Ghostbusters (first place)

The Ghostbusters (played by Sam Baker, Cam Felipe, Sydney Mikolazyk, and Haley Langton) were victorious in Case Rally. The seniors raised the most money and had the best skit. They raised $2,500 for Penny Pounds (each grade raises money that they donate to a charity after the rally, which factors into their score for the skit: the more money a grade raises, the higher the score they receive). The seniors’ Penny Pound money was double that of the juniors and sophomores, which greatly impacted their victory over the two. Senior Joey Alzaibak said that his favorite part of Case Rally was the “camaraderie” and Kate Faria (senior) said it was the “night before when you have the anticipation of a great morning.” Liz Trenholme, a senior, said that her favorite part of Case Rally was making the “art work” while Grace Goodwin (senior) liked “writing the script” the most.


Congratulations to all participants in one of the closest Case Rallies the school has ever seen. Case Rally is truly, as Mr. Lanczycki says, “one of the best days of the year.”



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