The Scare Zone: The Creature


Down in the forest nearby Old Berry River I was camping. It was about two at night and I could not sleep, it was not because I was scared, in fact it was the sound of Mother Nature keeping me awake. The river rushing down hit the rocks, the crickets chirping in the night, and the occasional ribbits from the frogs, all mixed together to make a soothing melody that was music to my ear. Then something disturbed the musical melody with a swoosh and shaking of the ground. I built up the courage to poke my head out, there were noises coming from the bush again trying to fight my fear, I turned on my flashlight, although my shaking hand made the flashlight useless. The light moving back and forth made parts of the creature shine. Its long, sharp claws that would make a bear claw look like a joke. Its dark green cat eyes, and the most terrifying was the jagged teeth, so sharp it could pierce through me like a knife through Jell-O. The creature was hissing and growling at me, thinking it was the light from the flashlight making it mad. I turned it off; that was a mistake. All that did was make me an easier target because I could not see. Quickly realizing my mistake I turned the flashlight back on in just those five seconds the creature had disappeared into the night. Realizing it would come back for me, I threw my tent into the car and drove out of there. At first I thought the creature lost me, but with a bang the creature was on top of my car. Its claws went through the roof of my car into the medal roof, like peeling back a can of sardines. It lifted its front right paw lifting the roof with it poking its head, and I could see every single detail now. It’s a bear-like head with the mane of a lion. It’s all-green eyes stared at me down its face and its body was black with orange stripes, like a tiger. I quickly opened my door and rolled out of my car just trying to escape it. What I failed to see was a giant rock that my car was headed at with full force and the creature still on it! My car was destroyed, it was on fire. I quickly called 9-9-1 and within two minutes firemen were there putting the fire out. The police held me for questioning and when I told them what happened they did not believe me, later they showed me the only thing that was left from my car, a piece of black fur with an orange stripe. However it wasn’t real fur it was fake fur like one you would find on a costume.