Are Self-Driving Cars the Future ?


Joshua Vigeland, Contributor

Since the beginning of time, man has always sought the means of easy travel, rather than plain old walking. It started with the creation of the wheel which led to the wagon and eventually the modern car. There have been many innovations when it comes to the car, such as speed and other performances. But in recent years there has been a large leap in self-driving technology.

From cars parking themselves to motion sensing cameras that can apply your brakes to prevent accidents, there are many benefits. These help keep us safe when we are driving and make our lives easier. Today, most new vehicles have self-driving technology.

Some car brands push the limits with self driving technology such as Tesla. They started making cars back in 2003 and since then, they’ve made large leaps in self-driving technology. Today their cars are fully electrical and packed with many modern innovations. Tesla’s self driving technology is exceptional, where the car learns as you drive. The more you drive to the same location, it allows the car to be able to drive itself to that location without you driving. This feature can get better with more software updates.

Tesla as a whole is flourishing with the release of the Tesla Model S, which was a introduction of a premium priced car that was electric and could still drive fast. Now the Tesla Model 3 is being released, which brings self-driving technology to the masses at an affordable price. Even though there are many benefits to self-driving technology, there are some negatives such as malfunctions and whether the car is able to make moral decisions when driving. For example, if a car is driving behind a truck and things are falling out of it, the dilemma of self-driving cars could be whether to swerve into a motorcycle or an SUV full of children.

Engineers are pushing the limits of technology that one day self driving cars might be our reality, but until then there are many problems that need to be fixed with self- driving cars such as dependability and affordability. Whether self driving cars will be our future, that is yet to be answered but technology is definitely in the right path.