Somerset-Berkely Falls to Dighton Rehoboth in Intense Match-up

Saadi Saade, Contributor

Somerset-Berkley may have struck first, but Dighton-Rehoboth had the last laugh.  The game began with a decent return from the Raiders bringing them to the 30-yard line in their own territory.  However, after a quick three and out, the Raiders were quickly forced to punt the ball.

When the Falcons took hold of the ball, their lightning-fast offense caught the Raiders off guard, but, after a few adjustments, the Raiders held their own dragging to 0-0 at the half.  Shortly after the game resumed,  Somerset had quickly pushed their way to the 10-yard line but could not punch in the touchdown, so, they opted to kick a field goal and sophomore Brandon Mederios scored three points.

When the ball was turned over to the Falcons, the Raider defense had nearly put a stop to the drive until two penalties shifted the momentum over to the Falcons.  A facemask and unnecessary roughness put the Falcons within ten yards of scoring and a first down.  After a short pass, a touchdown was given up to the Falcons.

Somerset, now constrained on time had no choice but to attempt to score even if it meant trying on the fourth down, but the Falcon defense had proved infallible and stopped it before it could get rolling.  After a turnover on downs, the Falcons had scored yet again sealing the fate of Somerset.  The loss drops Somerset 2-1 and pushes the Falcons to a record of 2-1.  Somerset will have a bye week and time to rest before facing their next opponent Old Rochester Regional in two weeks.