September 16 Football Game


Saadi Saade

September 16 was a particularly bad day for Greater New Bedford Vocational ’s football team. The game began with a great kickoff from the Raiders, and the Bears quickly scored 6 points.  However, the Raiders responded by scoring 42 points. Quarterback Jake Meehan threw four touchdown passes and even ran for a touchdown. He also had an interception of his own.

In an article from the Herald News written by Mike Thomas, the coach from the opposing team reflected on their loss. “We’re a young team,” he said, “Rome wasn’t built in one night”.

In their previous game, the Raiders offensive line performed poorly.  However, after a few changes and many drills, the line was able to synchronize, opening up holes for the backfield to run through, and time for Jake Meehan to throw the ball.  Coach Freitas remarked on the offensive line’s improvement this game.

“I think our offensive line stepped up tonight.  We played well. We have a few things to clean up but I’m most excited about the play from our line,” he said.

All in all, the Raiders has some impressive plays.  Jake Meehan was able to rush the ball 154 yards. Ethan Robidoux pounced on a fumble in the end zone and was able to score again.  Meehan threw the ball 10 yards to Brandon Medeiros for a scoring pass, and then he passed to Michael Gagliardi to score twice on similar plays.  Robert Shaker and Saadi Saade also recovered two fumbles to turnover the ball.

Somerset Berkley’s next game will be at Dighton Rehoboth this Friday.