Spirit Week and Case Rally Send Raiders To Certain Victory

Thomas Plummer

     With Case Rally and Spirit Week passing by, it’s time to take a look back at the zany events that drove up the Raider Spirit in preparation for the historic rival game between Joseph Case and Somerset Berkley Regional High Schools.

     As the week kicks off with Wacky Meme Wednesday, both classic and modern memes are shown off, giving everyone a good laugh. The spirits are high, and the students are getting pumped for another great show! Moving on to Tacky Tourist Thursday, it’s clear that the students are getting into the mood of the week, as all the student body can see is the endless wave of flower necklaces, shorts, shades, and wonderfully loud Hawaiian shirts.

     As Flashback Friday rolls around, the teachers are very much reminded of their glory days, as many students take advantage of the day to poke fun at older, out of fashion styles. Upon ‘Merica Monday, a sense of patriotism washes over everyone, as well as drowning them in a sea of red, white, and blue. Flags are seen everywhere, and there is no doubt about the pride and positivity the Raiders take in themselves, their school, and their country! Finally, Raider Pride Tuesday displays the sheer power of the classes, like the navy blue signs and Raider markings, along with the pride and symbolism they carry, which is felt by everyone in the building. Now, they are ready for the thundering roar of Case Rally!

On Wednesday morning, the student body eagerly awaited the performances and was contented to watch the trailers that all the classes had made, in a competitive spirit, to rile up the audience. The amazing raucous that ensued displayed just how much energy and spirit had been put into such a momentous event.

Walking into the gymnasium, all four classes were greeted by the wondrous designs and decorations coating the room. The elegant banners hoisted above each set of bleachers, the endless line of balloons lining the gym, and the colorful patterns of streamers lining the bleachers and posts all spoke to the sheer effort and enthusiasm each class had put into their work.

The Juniors kicked off Case Rally with a “Hercules” skit, beating out the Freshmen, who had decided to recreate the “Incredibles”. Both had staggering effects and dedication poured into their work, but neither had come close to winning, as compared to the Sophomores and Seniors.

The Sophomores had taken creativity to a whole new level, as they fused two separate films to create a new movie, “A Beachside Story”, and had also encompassed the dynamics within SB too, by addressing Somerset and Berkley as separate yet connected entities. However, despite meshing the social dynamics of the student body with clever comedy and effective stageplay, the Sophomore class lost to the Seniors by a single point, coming extremely close to disrupting the tradition of Seniors winning Case Rally.

Looking back on the results, the judges may have been saving the best for last, as Seniors narrowly took first place with “Back to the Future”, with nothing but a great cast and well-written skit. Starring Owen Santos, playing Doc Brown, the exhilarating performance of the Seniors skillfully took over the stage with rapid-fire comedy and well-played scenes, all with amazing effects to boot.

Now that Case Rally and Spirit Week have passed, perhaps it’s time to move on from the past and look to the future game itself between SB and Case. The Football team did have a few things to say about the upcoming game. As Tucker Gagnon and Seamus Fennelly put it, “it’s going to be a tough, close game”, but they have full confidence in both their capabilities, as well as their family-like team.

Considering that SB has played well against what they consider to be far tougher opponents, specifically Foxborough and Hanover, it seems as though the Raiders may take home the win for the ninth year in a row. However, only time will tell if the team can back their Team Captain’s claims of SB’s “notoriously good” and “unbeatable” defense.